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The biggest challenge of all is solving our inefficient, inequal, unjust, undemocratic society that makes people slave and damages earth. Hopism iimproves things for people and the planet - probably!

Hopism is political theory written by an ordinary person with ordinary aspirations for life. Hopism recognises and accepts human nature’s weaknesses and strengths and tries to build a realistic framework to create a society of low tax, high social service and low waste.

This is Hopism-Beta-Edition, republished again after a four year break due to background issues. It is still edition 1 and could do with some editing, better english, slicker graphics, some videos and many more diagrams. That will get done sometime during rainy dark November 2014, together with a discussion forum, where this rough idea can be beaten into shape and better written by contributors.

The end result is more useful work done, a happier society and more free time to enjoy your life - whilst knowing that social obligations are met.


Hopism is short and sweet

Hopism is under development, there will be bits you like and bits you dont, maybe there could be different splinter variants. The theory itself is simple and should take less than an afternoon to understand. There are around twenty texts on the webring, each less than a thousand words.

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Capitalism is a system that can work for the benefit of all, only when;

i) it is properly shackled by moral limitations.

ii) it develops by steady organic growth and shrinkage.

iii) it is combined to a balanced social conscience, taxation and provision. Unshackled capitalism gives birth to parisitical Loanism, a sinister by-product of capitalism that eventually mutates into Nonetarism.

Banks switch from being stabilising benefactors promoting free enterprise into Loanist banks, where their insiduously corrupting wealth begins to swamp all things, affecting the true value of capital and ownership. This distorts prices, devalues your currency as a spiralling of money supply begins and accelerates eventually leading to false values of money and devaluation of real capital goods and labour.

There are many instances of loanism, none more tragic than the lending of the 1970´s and 80´s to developing countries which was responsible for miserable poverty and unquantifiable deaths in the many millions.

Banks such as the UK based Midland bank (now HSBC) loaned billions to unelected military dictatorships or dubiously elected despots.

Those despots and dictators then squandered the money on arms, favours, luxury lifestyles, swiss bank accounts and money to corrupt their society from head to toe. The people did not benefit from the loans, but it was the people who were left with loan interest and repayments, long after the despots had left in their Mercedes cars and private planes.

These loan repayments then milked the raw materials from those coutries at low prices as they struggled to build prosperity. The ”third world debt” was a disgraceful loanist crime allowable under unshackled capitalism.

While the loan givers and the loan recipients grew fat, the real bill for the loan was left for ordinary people to pick up. Those ordinary people were very, very poor people in desparate need of hard currency to buy western medicines, yet their resources were being cynically milked on loan repayments. Lawyers for those countries should have argued in international court that if Midland bank wants to loan dictators money, then it is the dictators who must pay them back, not the countries themselves. This demonstrates that loans are not always beneficial and can be used to warp whole economies.

Even economies producing large amounts of capital goods are not immune from parasitic loanism, as happened to Argentina in 2002. There is no reason for successful economies like Argentina to be borrowing money. There has to be organic growth and shrinkage and no nation can justify borrowing money for more than one year. If your income is fixed or modestly variable, borrowing on the future makes no sense. Loanism without purpose must end by limiting weak government policy through folkcracy, borrowing should only be possible by emergency vote.

Borrowing should be avoided and be seen for what it is, a fiscal disaster brewing up unnecessary extra costs and instability for later.

Current high profile examples of Loanism and Nonetarism are found at England’s two most iconic football clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United. Loanism is the lending of money to bank puppets who then buy things like property and businesses. Because the banks are so wealthy compared to ordinary real people they can out bid almost everybody. The price of businesses is increased and the shareholders get happy. Official statistics tell us the economy ”grows”. But this is just loanist growth not real capital growth, i.e. a fallacy.

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